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ARTICLE | Child Apprenticeship in the Cape Colony: The Case of the Children’s Friend Society Emigration Scheme, 1833–1841 | Slavery & Abolition | by Rebecca Swartz

“This article examines the meanings of apprenticeship in the Cape colony in the wake of emancipation. It focuses on a small group of white child labourers brought to the Cape from England in the 1830s by a London-based philanthropic organisation, the Children’s Friend Society.” Read More

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ARTICLE | Becoming Wards of the State: Race, Crime, and Childhood in the Struggle for Foster Care Integration, 1920s to 1960s | American Sociological Review | by Michaela Christy Simmons

“Using archival materials from the Domestic Relations Court of New York City, this article traces the conflict between private institutions and the state over responsibility for neglected African American children in the early twentieth century.” Read More

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ARTICLE | Fugitive Literati: Black Girls’ Writing as a Tool of Kinship and Power at the Howard School | Women, Gender, and Families of Color | by Tammy C. Owens

“Using black feminist thought to read the loud silences in the Howard Orphanage and Industrial School’s letters, I argue that the girl’s case shows how orphaned black girls used the ‘written word’ to navigate power relations in the workplace and actively construct their desired kinship networks for survival.” Read More

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ARTICLE | Queering Black Girlhood at the Virginia Industrial School | by Mary Zaborskis | Signs

By Mary Zaborskis
Criminalized children were one group of children excluded from twentieth-century and contemporary cultural narratives that have viewed children as sexually innocent, deserving of protection, and beneficiaries of the future. I’m interested in how promises of recuperation, protection, and futurity to criminalized children actually enabled the continued denial of each. Read More

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