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ARTICLE | Queering Black Girlhood at the Virginia Industrial School

By Mary Zaborskis
Criminalized children were one group of children excluded from twentieth-century and contemporary cultural narratives that have viewed children as sexually innocent, deserving of protection, and beneficiaries of the future. I’m interested in how promises of recuperation, protection, and futurity to criminalized children actually enabled the continued denial of each. Read More

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NEW ARTICLE | ‘Wayward and Untrained Years’: Reforming the ‘Wayward Girl’ in The Quest of the Silver Fleece and Jennie Gerhardt

By Emily Hainze
“Dreiser and Du Bois embrace and exploit the possibilities for social transformation inherent in the period’s moral panic over the working-class adolescent girl’s “incorrigibility,” reframing the uncertain trajectory and liminal position of the wayward girl in modernizing American society as an opportunity to radically reimagine newly modern social life in the second decade of the twentieth century.” Read More

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