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IN THE NEWS | What ‘Adultification’ Theory Gets Wrong About Violence Against Black Youth

“But the adultification thesis gets things backwards, in part because it relies too heavily on popular representations of protected ‘childhood innocence’ rather than on the actual histories and experiences of children. In reality, the history of childhood in the west is a dark and brutal story of mistreatment, sexualization, and murder.”

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ARTICLE | Historic Lynching and Corporal Punishment in Contemporary Southern Schools | Social Problems | by Ward, Petersen, Kupchik and Pratt

“The threat and use of violence as a control strategy are deeply rooted in U.S. racial history. Generations of black Americans have been subjected to intentional inflictions of pain as control measures, through whipping and other means, especially in the southeastern United States, where the violence of enslavement and subsequent Jim Crow era were concentrated.” Read More

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ARTICLE | Child Apprenticeship in the Cape Colony: The Case of the Children’s Friend Society Emigration Scheme, 1833–1841 | Slavery & Abolition | by Rebecca Swartz

“This article examines the meanings of apprenticeship in the Cape colony in the wake of emancipation. It focuses on a small group of white child labourers brought to the Cape from England in the 1830s by a London-based philanthropic organisation, the Children’s Friend Society.” Read More

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