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ARTICLE | Queer Theory: Queer Children and Childhoods | The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory | by Jennifer L. Miller

“The effeminate boy and his queer counterparts are now central to much queer and transgender theory. Even more, queer kids are increasingly celebrated by the same institutions, for instance psychiatry, that very recently stigmatized them. Although acceptance in this case, like that of any marginalized group, is precarious and contingent on shifting socio-political context, there has been a clear shift towards affirmation.” Read More

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IN THE NEWS | What ‘Adultification’ Theory Gets Wrong About Violence Against Black Youth

“But the adultification thesis gets things backwards, in part because it relies too heavily on popular representations of protected ‘childhood innocence’ rather than on the actual histories and experiences of children. In reality, the history of childhood in the west is a dark and brutal story of mistreatment, sexualization, and murder.”

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