PODCAST | Generation Z | The Takeaway

Podcast: “Generation Z” on The Takeaway

Produced by Shanta Covington, Jacklyn Martin and Melissa Harris-Perry

Hosted by Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry and Dorian Warren


As another class of Gen-Z graduates, they are taking one more step into adulthood. But still, our nation is divided by racial violence, economic inequality and disappearing reproductive rights. For this reason, The Takeaway takes a Deep Dive into Gen-Z: Who are they and what do they want?

To give us a better idea we talked to Cathy Cohen, the David and Mary Winton Green Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago and Philip N. Cohen, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Sociology at The University of Maryland. Cathy Cohen is the principal investigator and founder of the GenForward Survey.

One of the biggest concerns for Gen-Z is economic security. As the older part of this cohort enters the workforce we discussed what work they want to do as well as what work should do for them. We speak with 20-year-old Parker Lacewell who’s facing these questions as well as Terry Nguyen, a reporter for The Goods at Vox who covers consumer and internet trends, and technology. 

We also looked into how Gen-Z utilizes technology to do everything from organizing to quitting their jobs. We spoke with Pamela Aronson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn about what their use of technology tells us about their hopes for the future.

WNYC’s Radio Rookies Rainier Harris and Folashade Olatunde joined to discuss their concerns for their generation. Activist, strategist, influencer and founder of the Gen Z Girl Gang, Deja Foxx told us how her cohort uses the power of social media to affect change in the world. And, we had the privilege of listening in on a conversation between Marley Dias, founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks and her Mom, Janice Johnson Dias, author of Parent Like It Matters. They discussed everything from college, to the massacre in Buffalo to the future of reproductive rights.