VIRTUAL EVENT | 29 Apr 2022 | Childist Approaches to Law | Childism Institute at Rutgers University

“Childist Approaches to Law”

Transnational Childism Colloquium

Childism Institute at Rutgers University

Friday April 29, 2022, 9:00-11:00 am US ET via Zoom

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This colloquium examines how legal theories and structures could be transformed by overcoming children’s systemic discrimination by taking children’s experiences centrally into account. Panelists are both legal studies and childhood studies scholars and work in a wide range of countries as well as internationally. It is hoped that this colloquium will kick off a series of conversations and workshops that will be able to forge a new field of childist law.

The program is made of two panels of highly distinguished scholars:

Introduction: Aoife Daly and John Wall

Panel 1: Legal Theories and Systems

Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, Emory University, “An Ecological Perspective on Children’s Rights”
Rebecca Stern, Uppsala University, and Pernilla Leviner, Stockholm University, “Is Age-Related Discrimination an Issue? The CRC Committee and Article 2”
Hiroharu Saito, University of Tokyo, “Equal Protection for Children: A Childist Approach to Constitutional Doctrine”
Karl Hanson, University of Geneva, “Children’s Rights Studies and the Childism Prism”

Panel 2: Legal Issues and Futures

Aoife Daly, University College Cork, “Childism, Law, and the Climate Crisis”
Thoko Kaime, University of Bayreuth, “Centering the Child in International Environmental Law”
Nate Walker, Rutgers University, “Childism, Religion, and Law”
Hedi Viterbo, Queen Mary University of London, “Rethinking Law’s Age Segregation”