CFP | Fall 2021 Issue | Red Feather Journal: An International Journal of Children in Popular Culture

CFP: Red Feather Journal: An International Journal of Children in Popular Culture

Red Feather Journal seeks article submissions and book/film reviews for Fall 2021 issue.

Red Feather Journal is an open-access, online, international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholars and professionals to interrogate representations of the child in popular culture. Red Feather Journal facilitates an international dialogue among scholars and professionals through vigorous discussion of the intersections between the child, the conception of childhood, children’s material culture, children and politics, the child body, and any other interactions with the child in the context of popular culture.

Red Feather Journal invites critical and/or theoretical examination of the child to further our understanding of the circulation, consumption, and representation of the child throughout a variety of mediums within popular discourse. Some sample topics include: studies of images of children, children in/and politics; children in film, literature, art; children in advertising; visual adaptations of children’s literary works; child welfare; children in/and war, children as refugees, the child as monstrous, children and law, children and/in social institutions, or any other critical examination of the child or childhood within popular culture. All disciplines are welcome and international submissions are encouraged.

Red Feather Journal is also accepting film or book reviews. 

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