CFP | Due 26 Mar 2021 | The Biopolitics of Childhood (MLA 2022)

The Biopolitics of Childhood

Proposed Special Session
MLA 2022, Washington, DC, 6 to 9 January

Organizers: Lucia Hodgson and Allison Giffen, Co-Editors, CCS Project

We are seeking 1-2 additional papers for an MLA 2022 proposed Special Session on The Biopolitics of Childhood chaired by Laura Soderberg, author of Vicious Infants: Dangerous Childhoods in Antebellum U.S. Literature (forthcoming from University of Massachusetts Press).

Papers can engage the biopolitics of childhood broadly construed to include questions of temporality, racialization, slavery, medicine, sexuality, population, sex law, nationality, gender, disability, eugenics, plantation discipline, criminalization, incarceration, institutionalization, and reform as they intersect with representations of the child and narratives of child development.

Please submit a 200-word abstract and cv to Lucia Hodgson ( and Allison Giffen ( by midnight, Friday, March 26.