NEW BOOK | The Black Girlhood Studies Collection

The Black Girlhood Studies Collection
Edited by Aria S. Halliday
Canadian Scholars, 2019
Print ISBN: 9780889616127

Publisher Overview

This groundbreaking text is one of the first collections to exclusively explore, develop, and evaluate theories of Black girls and Black girlhoods. This contributed volume brings together emerging and established scholars from North America to discuss what Black girlhood means historically and in the 21st century, and how concepts of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, religion, and nationality inform or affect identities of Black girls beyond school or urban settings. Divided into two sections, special topics covered include Black feminism, intersectionality, pleasure and erotic agency, media and fan activism, construction of self, leadership, social change, toxic masculinity, and self-care. The Black Girlhood Studies Collection is a vital resource that will evoke meaningful discussion and change for students in African studies, Black studies, child and youth studies, gender and women studies, media studies, and sociology courses globally.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Making Fire with Light
Ruth Nicole Brown

Aria S. Halliday

Chapter 1: Theorizing Black Girlhood
Ashley L. Smith

Chapter 2: Contesting Black Girlhoods beyond Northern Borders: Exploring a Black African Girl Approach
Jen Katshunga

Chapter 3: The Politics of Black Girlhood and a Ratchet Imaginary
Amoni Thompson-Jones

Chapter 4: Ah Suh Yuh Bad?: How Bad Gyals Are Revolutionizing How Black Girls Resist and Transcend Toxicity during Girlhood
Kimberley Moore

Chapter 5: Role Models Matter: Black Girls and Political Leadership Possibilities
Wendy Smooth and Elaine Richardson

Chapter 6: Pushing the Limits in Black Girl Centered Research: Exploring the Methodological Possibilities of Melt Magazine
Sheri K. Lewis

Chapter 7: Self-Care and Community: Black Girls Saving Themselves
Caroline Kaltefleiter and Karmelisha Alexander

Chapter 8: “Take the Kinks out Your Mind, Not Your Hair”: The Politics of Black Canadian Girl’s Hair and Self-Love
Shaunasea Brown

Chapter 9: “We Need a Seat at the Table”: Black Girls Using New Media to Construct Black Identity
Kisha McPherson

Chapter 10: “Canon: Brown Eyes, Frizzy Hair and Very Clever”: Fan Art, Fan Activism and Black Hermione Granger
Megan Connor

Afterword: A Meditation on (Re)imagining a World with Black Girls
Claudine “Candy” Taaffe

Aria S. Halliday is Assistant Professor of Africana Feminisms in Women’s Studies at the University of New Hampshire. Her research spans the fields of American studies; African American studies; women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; and cultural studies.