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Little Women at 150

Special Issue in Legacy 36.1 (2019)

“In honor of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, the editors of Legacy invited a handful of scholars in the field to reflect on the personal, scholarly, or pedagogical significance of the novel.”

– Introduction by Jennifer Putzi


Little Women at 150: Introduction (pp. 87-88)

            Jennifer Putzi

Playing Pilgrims (pp. 89-90)

            María Carla Sánchez

“[Even] Beth’s stage-struck!”: Theatrical Little Women (pp. 91-92)

            Anne K. Phillips

Jo’s Invisible Sisters (pp. 93-94)

            Barbara McCaskill

Little Women, Made Small (pp. 95-96)

            Laura M. Stevens

Her Bosom Enemy (pp. 97-98)

            Cynthia Davis

Frado, Linda, Ellen, and Iola (pp. 99-100)

            Cherene Sherrard-Johnson

My Meg’s Queer Turn (pp. 101-102)

            Jean M. Lutes

Doing Nothing (pp. 103-104)

            Alexandra Socarides

“Experiments”; or, “Housekeeping ain’t no joke” (pp. 105-106)

            Lorrayne Carroll

The Death of Pip (pp. 107-108)

            Donna M. Campbell

“Hope, and Keep Busy”: Little Women and Critical Pedagogy in the Era of Trump (pp. 109-110)

            Randi Lynn Tanglen

Amy’s Dark Night (pp. 111-112)

            Gregory Eiselein

Little Women‘s Literary Lessons (pp. 113-114)

            Sari Edelstein

In Defense of Young Balloons (pp. 115-116)

            Katherine Adams

Serious Literature (pp. 117-118)

            Catherine Keyser

Surprise, Surprise (pp. 119-120)

            Deborah Gussman

The Magic Combination of Family and Books: Jo Lighting the Way (pp. 121-122)

            Anne Boyd Rioux