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Welcome to Critical Childhood Studies: A Long 19c Digital Humanities Project

Allison Giffen, Lucia Hodgson
This website is committed to gathering and nurturing the growing community of critical childhood studies scholars; to advancing teaching and scholarship in the field; and to encouraging the professional development of scholars at all stages of their careers, including graduate students, contingent faculty, instructors, and independent scholars. We seek to build an inclusive community where we can support each other. Read More

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Book Review: Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, Childrearing, and Slavery in Jamaica by Sasha Turner

Lucia Hodgson
Turner makes the more Foucauldian argument that increased attention to slave children as children led to new forms of surveillance, regulation and subjugation. She illustrates how planters accommodated children’s developmental stages in order to increase their capacity for labor over the course of their lifetimes. Read More

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